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Goal Board! [Sep. 6th, 2006|10:00 am]
flow fitness & movement


Hi All!

I've installed the Reach for the Stars - Goals for Fall 2006 board at the studio and it's all ready for you guys to start posting your goals for this season! I have SO many, including choreographing all the dances for classes to learn and perform at our showcase on December 2nd (which I've already started doing!), losing about 10 pounds, running 10K outdoors at least 3X's/week in addition to all my other regular work-outs, painting the studio, the list could go on and on! But the one I chose to post is making sure I practise my bellydance technique for an hour at least 3 X's/week. I've tried to do this for a while, but other things seem to take over my day - so I'm making a promise to just do it this time!!! Can't wait to see what all your goals are and helping you reach them this season!