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Rak 'n' Roll was AMAZING! [Apr. 3rd, 2006|08:46 am]
flow fitness & movement


WOW, Rak 'n' Roll's Funky Fusions night was amazing! It had that terrific vibe like the last one, a responsive audience, and such a totally cool mix of performers! I've put a photo of each act up at http://www.mayada.ca/flow/raknrollapr.htm

Many people have suggested moving it to a larger venue since my studio is so small and it was sold out this time, but my whole point in having this event was to have it be intimate and not in a theatrical or clubby atmosphere - there are TONS of those venues for dancers to perform at already! I wanted to create a new place for new dancers to gain experience and pro dancers to experiment with new ideas without feeling pressure! And this month's Rak 'n' Roll and the response I got from it from people involved as well as audience members just re-confirms that idea! Guess I just need a bigger studio - maybe soon!